Aqualab Pawkit

The Pawkit is an affordable water activity measurement solution. Weighi.... read more

AquaLab Pre

The AquaLab Pre is a robust entry-level water activity meter with stripped down form, not limited function. It uses the .... read more

AquaLab Series 4 Water Activity Meter

The Aqualab Series 4 is the flagship of the Aqualab family of dew point water activity meters. With it's clamshell desig.... read more

AquaLab TDL Water Activity Meter

The Aqualab TDL Water Activity Meter represents the latest innovation in water activity measurement. For the first time .... read more

Interscience BagMixer 400 W

Avoiding all risks of cross-contamination, BagMixer® 400 W is an easy-to-use and powerful lab blender. Adapted to all k.... read more

Interscience DiluFLOW

DiluFlow® automatically dilutes in seconds a solid sample with the appropriate weight of diluent with tracea.... read more

Interscience JumboMix 3500 VW

JumboMix® 3500 VW allows quick and easy homogenizing of big samples. To improve blending efficiency and lower preparati.... read more

Interscience MiniMix w CC

MiniMix® 100 is the smallest lab blender in the world. Thanks to its digital screen and window door, control easily t.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) | CheckMate 3 Headspace Gas Analyzer

Larger production facilities and customers with a demand for high ac.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) CheckPoint 3

The all-new CheckPoint 3 from Dansensor/Mocon is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market, enabling you to.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) LeakPointer II

The tabletop LeakPointer II is the smallest of the Dansensor rang.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) Lippke® 4500/4000 for Leak and Seal Integrity Testing

Providing provide accurate, reproducible test results — be it in the lab or on the production floor — the Li.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) MAP Check 3

With the MAP Check 3, where every package gets tested, the gas target you set is the gas dosage you get. And with the op.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) MAP Mix 9001

A manually controlled gas mixer for Modified Atmosphere Pa.... read more

MOCON (Dansensor) MAP Mix Provectus

The revolutionary MAP Mix Provectus from Dansensor uses an entire.... read more

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