AMETEK MOCON Dansensor® CheckPoint 3

The most accurate portable gas analyzer for MAP packages

The Dansensor® CheckPoint 3 from Ametek Mocon is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market, enabling you to quickly and easily check for O2 and CO₂ levels in Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP).

Revolutionary New Oxygen Sensor

Thanks to its all-new solid-state sensor, the CheckPoint 3 is able to deliver more accurate readings more quickly and without the hassle of semi-annual calibrations. What's more, the CheckPoint 3 is so reliable, it does not even require the daily calibration that older models need!

Eliminate Errors

With the Premium version, you can eliminate transcription errors by downloading results directly to your PC through the built-in Wi-Fi connection and browser-based interface. Results are sorted by Product ID/Date/User for easy retrieval from your spreadsheet or LIMS software.


More Information

To find out more about the CheckPoint 3, please download our CheckPoint 3 Data Sheet or contact our sales team today to arrange your demonstration!

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